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CISO Malaysia

Navigating Cybersecurity's New Frontiers: Building Resilient Defence Strategies Against Advanced Threats

MMC Ports’ Gaurav Sharma discusses the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and resilient defence techniques. In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, where threats evolve at ...

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January 2024  |   4 minute read
Embracing Digital Transformation Amidst Shifting Threats in Malaysia

Cybersecurity Malaysia CEO discusses the evolving global threat landscape and how companies in Malaysia embraces digital transformation securely. As Malaysia emerges as a dynamic ...

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November 2023  |   1 minute read
Threats Loom for the World's Fourth-Biggest Internet User

Sinergi Mutual Globalindo's Joko Umar discusses the intricate landscape of cybersecurity in Indonesia As Indonesia emerges as the fourth-largest global internet user with 212.9 ...

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August 2023  |   1 minute read
IT Observability Insights, ASEAN, 2024

While the progression to the hyperscale cloud and multi-cloud model has simplified many aspects of running computing environments, it has introduced its own unique set of ...

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May 2024  |   1 minute read
Considerations in Cloud Security, Australia, 2023

Discussing cloud infrastructure risk and resilience with Australian cybersecurity leaders Since the first major IT migrations to the cloud took place, protecting the workloads ...

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May 2023  |   1 minute read
Inside Active Directory Security, Australia, 2023

A major business technology control with massive security implications Active Directory architecture is critical to every Microsoft-based organisation or entity that operates a ...

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April 2023  |   1 minute read